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American Walnut

American Walnut is a beautiful hardwood that is full
of character. With its dense grain structure it is ideal
timber for high quality furniture making, cabinet making,
musical instruments, flooring and panelling.

The Thorogoods difference…
Thorogoods American Walnut is exclusively sourced from the renowned
Horizon Wood Products mill located in the heart of the Allegheny National
Forest in Pennsylvania.

Our customers are assured of the very highest quality American Walnut from
our partner mill and Thorogoods are the sole UK importer of this timber.
All logs are cut through-and-through so providing wide boards with minimal
sapwood.The premium quality and consistency of colour of our American
Walnut has made Thorogoods the natural choice for this increasingly popular

Because of the superior quality of this product our customers enjoy a very high yield from our American Walnut. In addition every single board selected from us is individually bar-coded so that boards from the same log can be identifiedfor perfect colour and grain matching.

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American Walnut