Iroko Chlorophora excelsa

Chlorophora excelsa
Density: 660kg/m3


When freshly cut the heartwood is a distinct yellow colour. After exposure to light it quickly becomes golden brown. The sapwood is narrow and clearly defined. The grain is generally interlocked and the texture coarse. There can be white calcareous deposits found where the tree was damaged during growth.

Working Properties:

Iroko works well with most tools with some dulling effect, particularly where the calcareous deposits are found. The interlocking grain can pick up when planed or moulded.

Physical Properties:

The wood dries well and fairly rapidly, with only a slight tendency to distort and split. Has excellent strength property comparing well with teak. Can be brittle when shock loads applied across grain.


Very durable.

Main Uses:

Used for interior and exterior joinery, boat and ship building, dock and harbour work.