Oak (White), North American Quercus spp.

Oak (White), North American
Quercus spp.
Density: 769kg/m3


White oak is similar in colour and appearance to European oak. The sapwood of American white oak is light coloured and the heartwood is light to dark brown. White oak is mostly straight grained with a medium to coarse texture, with longer rays than red oak. White oak therefore has more figure.

Working Properties:

White oak machines well, nails and screws well although pre-boring is advised. As it reacts with iron, galvanised nails are recommended. Its adhesive properties are variable, but it stains and polishes to a good finish. The wood dries slowly and care is needed to avoid checking. Due to its high shrinkage it can be susceptible to movement in performance.

Physical Properties:

A hard and heavy wood with medium bending and crushing strength, low in stiffness, but very good in steam bending. Southern white oak is faster grown with wide growth rings and tends to be harder and heavier.


The heartwood is resistant to decay, extremely resistant to preservative treatment and the sapwood is moderately resistant to treatment.

Main Uses:

Construction, furniture, flooring, architectural joinery, exterior joinery, mouldings, doors, kitchen cabinets, panelling, railway sleepers, timber bridges, barrel staves, coffins and caskets.