Oak, European Quercus

Oak, European
Density: 627-720kg/m3


The sapwood is 25mm to 50mm wide and is lighter than the heartwood which is yellowish brown. Quarter sawn surfaces show a distinct silver grain figure due to the broad rays.

Working Properties:

The working and machining properties of oak vary with the mild to tough material which either machines easily or with moderate difficulty depending upon growth areas. The wood can be stained polished, waxed and glued satisfactorily. Also takes liming and fuming treatments well.

Physical Properties:

Oak dries slowly with a marked tendency to split and check, particularly in thicker sizes. Will honeycomb if the drying is forced. Untreated iron will stain oak blue-black. Also the acidic nature of oak will accelerate the corrosion of metals.



Main Uses:

Used for furniture, floors, tight cooperage, boat building.