Pine, Pitch Caribbea Pinus caribaea

Pine, Pitch Caribbea
Pinus caribaea
Density: 720kg/m3


The heartwood is reddish brown, the depth of colour varying with the amount of resin present and the sapwood which is 50 mm to 75 mm wide is pale yellowish brown. The grain is typically straight. Growth zones of dark tissue produce conspicuous bands on all surfaces.

Working Properties:

Is easy to work with hand or machine tools. Cutting edges likely to clog with resin causing them to dull. Can be successfully stained and varnished although pitch pockets may cause difficulty in painting.

Physical Properties:

Air dries rather slowly with a tendency for end splitting. It is a hard, dense, resinous timber with high strength properties. It is very similar to American pitch pine although 45% harder.


Moderately durable.

Main Uses:

Interior Joinery, decking, flooring and marine structures.