Utile Entandrophragma utile

Density 660 kg/m3 (average)


The sapwood is pale yellowish or whitish. The heartwood is pinkish when freshly cut darkening to typical mahogany colour of reddish brown similar to Sapele

Working properties:

Works fairly well with hand and machine tools but the interlocking grain is often a problem in planing and moulding. Glues satisfactorily, stains and polishes well.

Physical properties:

A relatively dense and heavy timber, although this can vary depending on the region of growth. Dries at a moderate rate and can be prone to some twist during kilning.


Moderately durable to heartwood decay and highly resistant to preservatives.

Main uses:

Furniture, cabinet making, joinery, shop-fitting and boat-buildingbut is more open in texture due to the larger pores. The interlocked grain produces a broad ribbon-stripe, often wider and more irregular than that of Sapele.