Cedar (Red), Western Thuja plicata

Cedar (Red), Western
Thuja plicata
Density: 390kg/m3


The sapwood is narrow and white in colour and the heartwood is reddish brown. When exposed to the weather the colour is lost and it becomes silver-grey. Straight grained and somewhat course textured exhibiting a fairly prominent growth ring figure.

Working Properties:

Works easily both by hand and machine tools but because of its brittle nature can cause splitting during some operations. Cutters need to be kept sharp to obtain a good finish.

Physical Properties:

The wood is soft and rather brittle and light in weight. Dries with little distortion. Contains acids which corrode steel. Brass or aluminium should be used for fixing.



Main Uses:

Due to its excellent performance externally is used as cladding, shingles, posts and fencing.