Elm (Red), North American Ulmus rubra

Elm (Red), North American
Ulmus rubra
Density: 593kg/m3


Red elm has a greyish white to light brown narrow sapwood with heartwood that is reddish brown to dark brown in colour. The grain can be straight but is often interlocked. The wood has a coarse texture.

Working Properties:

The wood of red elm is fairly easy to work. It nails, screws and glues well and can be sanded, stained and polished to a good finish. It dries well with minimum degrade and little movement in performance.

Physical Properties:

Elm is moderately heavy, hard and stiff with excellent bending and shock resistance. It is difficult to split because of its interlocked grain.


Rated as non-resistant to heartwood decay and classed as permeable to preservatives.

Main Uses:

Furniture, cabinet making, flooring, internal joinery, panelling and coffins.