Greenheart Ocotea rodiaei

Ocotea rodiaei
Density: 1040kg/m3


The sapwood is pale yellow or greenish and is not clearly demarcated from the heartwood which varies in colour from yellowish-green, greenish yellow or light olive through golden yellow, dark olive, or yellowish brown to very dark brown, blackish or black .The grain varies from straight to roey and the texture is fine and uniform, lustrous and cold to the touch.

Working Properties:

Greenheart is moderately difficult to work with both hand and machine tools. Although it dulls cutting edges rather quickly a fine, smooth lustrous surface can be obtained. The wood turns easily and gives a good finish with wax, oil or polish.

Physical Properties:

It is exceedingly heavy and is one of the strongest woods in tropical America, being tough, strong and elastic.


Greenheart is very durable.

Main Uses:

Marine and ship construction; being used for docks, locks, decking, groynes and marine construction. Also used where heavy, hard and very strong durable wood is required, i.e. flooring and shipping platforms.